Someone just passed along a post from the techno-gossip blog, ValleyWag regarding the departure of Six Apart’s Brad Fitxpatrick.  Granted this is only one story, so I need to go and do some more research, but please for the love of God, Six Apart do not break my blog heart and head down the tubes.  Salt to the wound is that he is reportedly headed over to Google. 

Word is that Brad Fitzpatrick, the founder of LiveJournal and chief architect of Six Apart,
is leaving the troubled blog-software company. And the fact that you’re
hearing about from a gossip blog rather than the transparency-loving
company is itself a sign of how deep the problems run.

Now I am just savvy enough – just barely – to know that these are just opinions and have great respect for Anil Dash, with whom I have had some interaction, as well as Mena Trott, who I just read.  Plus as you know I LOVE Typepad.  So . . . I will just wait and see, hope there is transparency and continue to support them until they prove otherwise.

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