Okay four days and counting before re-entry and the Pushmi-pullyu is beginning to creep into my life.  The church eMails have begun, my mind is starting to think about this move we have when we get back, my mother is calling, yada yada yada 😉

Resistance is futile . . . mostly because I can’t wait to get back into my day-to-day life, get moved and finish out the summer.

But O how I will try.  Vacation has been grand.  And in case you don’t believe me.  The time line below has pretty much been my schedule for the past two 1/2 weeks and until this Friday.

8:00 Wake up and get girls to breakfast
9:00 Dripolator Coffee House I: Blog, Read, People-Watch
12:00 Eat Lunch
2:00 Read and Take a Nap
4:30 Eat Dinner
6:00 Dripolator Coffee House II: Blog, Read, People-Watch
9:00 Watch kids, read, blog, etc.
11:00 Read and fall asleep

I think the only way this could have been even more relaxing is if we were in Hawaii and the coffee house was on or overlooking the beach.

Still, as I enjoy the last few days of extended Introvert time – which BTW, I have had a year’s worth – and non-responsibility,  my heart and spirit miss being home and will welcome the return . . . just not quite yet.

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