I promise that this post will not be as drippy as A Letter to My Daughters of a few months back, but I just gotta say that I love my girls!

Over the past few months of life being crazier than usually with vacation, multiple moves, work, school, etc., they have done amazing well.  While there have been a fair share of meltdowns, temper-tantrums, huffing and puffing and general mayhem – and that is just Robin and I – overall, the RCP Crew and flowed from one pocket of chaos to another with steady determination at our worst and a new appreciation for the blessings of God as our best.

These past few months of transition have definitely brought to light even more differences in the girls. 

  • Ev – She thrives in transitions, she is incredibly self sufficient, confident and unlike her earlier years deals really well with the fluidity of life.  She is clearly ready for more independence, but mom and dad are not as ready.  I realize that every small step of her doing something new is one more struggle to let go.  Boohoo.
  • Ab – So sensitive, yet such a ham.  Sing, dance, ham it up, she is all there, but she can be crushed with a look, tone or any possibility that one does not like her.  Oh . . . we can just hope her sisters are kind.  A needs a little more grounding, cuddling and stability . . . all fuel for her rock star moments.  But . . . She wants to be home.  The multiple locations are getting old fast.
  • An – Hmmm . . . so sweet, so cute, but you better keep the An fed or beware the consequences.  Never have any of our children lived out food and sleep issues like this one.  Every child is different, must be loved differently and demands different levels of patience.   This is O so true.  In the midst of it all though, she has managed to deal with all the change amazingly well.  Loud, but well.

The picture on this post is from a service of communion at MBCC.  This is "An" AKA "Crazy Hair Pugh" getting community from Daddy.  For the children we kneel down to them and as we offer the bread and cup we say to them, "This is how God remembers you."  Most then proceed to take a big ole’ piece, and why not?  God should remember us a big bunch . . . plus, Hawaiian bread is yummy.

These past few weeks have provided me with more than enough reminders that God remembers me as well.  Friends, family, strangers have all provided me with  yet more experiences o the deep complexity and graciousness of God.  And for that I am thankfu, but like Ab, I too am ready to be home.

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