Friday is my "Day-off" from church work . . . . or so it keeps saying on my calendar.  Not today.  Now I am not complaining as I love the flexibility of the schedule, but sometimes it is nice to have a full 24 hours without something work related no matter how much one may loves the ministry . . . just saying.

But I press on, because Jesus wants me to.

But . . . part of my day off is going to going CRAZY with MBCC’ers on Facebook.  So be warned if you are part of the MBCC Facebook Group, you are fair game for sheep to be thrown your way, superlatives to be given to, drinks to be bought for . . . yada yada yada.  Think of this as my "Pastoral Care" challenge to play just a tad this day!

After my first coffee talk of the day, be warned . . . It is on.

PS: If you are still holding out on the whole FB thing, cool.  Still, if you do want to enter the FB waters, I’ll be your friend for the low low price of one Schrute Buck.

PPS: For one day only, I will accept any and all invitations to add apps, causes, etc . . . well maybe not ANY.

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