So today in church we talked about community as we began a series on Ephesians.  At MBCC when I do the talking, we are not quite in small group, but more than half the time I am more a of conversation navigator asking questions and hoping that folks are willing to interact.

Today’s questions during random parts of the "sermon" time . . .

On Christian community

  • What does the world see?
  • What do you think of?
  • What are the biggest obstacles to achieving healthy and vital community?
  • What are core characteristics of a healthy Christian community?

You and your crazy Christian family?

  • Further definitions and characteristics?
  • Why do you bother to engage in Christian community?
  • What do you struggle with about community: personal or corporate?
  • What is the place of conflict and tension in Christian community?
  • How do you see your place/role in the life of community?

But more importantly, the two videos that I used, plus two I REALLY wanted to, but couldn’t bleep out all the bad words . . . we do have SOME lines here at MBCC 😉

The Simpsons/Family Guy Religion Clip

Church Signs by Jesus Comedy

Plus two others that language and length just wouldn’t allow me to use them . . . oh well, funny though.

Bible Disclaimer

George Carlin on Religion

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