Had coffee with a local pastor today and really connected.  We ended up talking for about two hours about ministry, life, etc.   Presbyterians and Baptists CAN get along 😉

Saw this person wearing Daisy Dukes today.  Yes cut so short you could see the liner of the front pocket.  REALLY?  Please Lord, do not let these be coming back.  My legs are not that nice . . . now get THAT image your of your head 😉

Got my eMail inbox below 15 for a few moments today.  Dare I shoot for  single digits?  Ahh the exciting life of a cafe Bedouin.

Puppets in church scare me.

IM is awesome.

Texting is too slow.

I am excited about church.

I am getting old.

God lives in San Francisco and visits other places because of obligation 😉

There is a group of people outside the cafe with a big sign that says, "Haiku Hut" on it.

Not all emergents are uptight, in fact if you are uptight . . . .

Still love my A’s, injuries suck.

Context, my friend, context.

Important cause, The New Sanctuary Movement, check it out.

Have a great weekend!

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