TodaY has been a day of recovery.  Every few years I get these freaking "please shoot me now" migraines.  Last night from about 9:00-midnight, I thought I was going to die.  Not only did my head feel like it was exploding with every pulse of my veins, but stomach was also in knots a la my pancreatitis episode.  Our family, with good reason, gets a little jittery when I have stomach pains, so I don’t usually let on until it hurts.

Hmmmmmmmm . . ..

I wonder if it could have been that all I had to eat for the entire day was four iced coffee’s – not decaf – a bowl of soup and a frozen yogurt? 


Today, much better.  A little headache hangover, tender stomach, tired, but better.  Breakfast, followed by lunch all accompanied by decaf tea.

Yes, decaf tea, AKA brown grassy tasting water.

Not nice.

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