[Photo by rubyblossom]

Brian LePort just posted: The the Church of San Francisco: A Newbie Guide where he offered some options for folks looking for a church in San Francisco. MBCC was on his list and that was cool despite the fact that Brian’s only knowledge about the church is little ol’ me.

Thought I would follow suite with 10 Churches that would be on my SF Church Shopping list.  I’ll only comment on the positive aspects.  These are church that would be on MY list to visit.

Cornerstone Fellowship // Great band, high energy.

St. John’s Presbyterian // Solid pastors, solid, theology, traditional, but welcoming setting.

Great Exchange Covenant Church // Never been, but sounds like a youngish, lively community.

The Journey // New plant worth checking out.

Noe Valley Ministry // Progressive, social outreach focus and a very cool space.

SF Lighthouse Church // Because Brian is a good-guy and solid theologian, this is on my list of places to check out, especially the evening service.

Metropolitan Community Church // High energy Christ-centered community.  Solid pastoral leadership.

Glide United Methodist // Have never been, but draws from a wide variety of people, great music and very active in the community.

Grace Fellowship // Urban focus ministry with some solid leadership

I posted something about Church Shopping a ways back, but ultimately when it comes to finding a place where you can both feel accepted into the community and challenged to growth in faith, sometimes you just know.  No one church can be all things to all people, but as a whole, maybe, just maybe.

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