Just returned from a weekend jaunt to officiate a wedding in the Twin Cities area of the state of 10,000 Lakes, Minnesota.  Go Golden Gophers!  Congrats to J and K, what a wonderful experience!  I had a great time exploring the area both intentionally and unintentionally and the weather could not have been better.  Hung out at couple of great cafes – Bob’s Java Hut and Muddy Waters – and had some good food – Bull Dog, Cristos Greek Restaurant and Famous Dave’s BBQ.

Besides the observation of the insanity of the motorcycle helmet law controversy, the Twin Cities area was pretty cool.  I could see hanging out there as there were pockets that felt a great deal like some pockets of SF.  I was not able to connect with some MN aquaintences, but Tony Jones offered up some suggestions for church on Sunday.

Mercy Seat
Spirit Garage
House of Mercy
Solomon’s Porch

I ended up at Spirit Garage and had a good experience.  It is always a good discipline to visit another worshiping community and try to leave some of the “evaluation” posture behind.  Of course I did leave a Yelp review, overall, a good vibe.

So, MN can be added the list of places I have visited, CHECK.

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