There is a hurricane going on in my head.  With all the craziness of our move still not done, I have been scattered like never before.  I have more piles of crap than ever, I have totally flaked on two appointments – Sorry MB and MP, I suck – church admin is lagging . . . sometimes I want to curl up in a corner and not have any responsibilities at all.  Not good.   Basically I have once again been reminded that despite even our best laid plans, God times is God’s time. 

In any case, when my mind starts to go crazy, I forget how important it is for me to engage in my own spiritual disciplines, one of which, as you know, is blogging. So in a semi-attempt to connect even for a moment, here are my Top 10 Posts that have begun, but not yet been posted.

  1. A young Turk turns into an Old Fart // Musings on rebellion, change and transformation.
  2. Be careful what you claim // A reflection on needing to tell people about yourself in order to earn some kind of respect.  STOP DOING THIS.
  3. Don’t be "The Man" // the games we play in order to hold, get, maintain power.
  4. My dilema: neologisms or portmanteux? // The art of making up words that are filled with meaning.  Truthiness . . . Ginormous . . .
  5. What fads will be girls be into as teenagers? // Wonderings about what my daughters will be "into" as they hit the teen years.  Man, I am praying for the return of the 80’s
  6. Ordination: right, privilege, role, gift or whatever // A look at this idea of "ordination" and leadership within a Christian Community.
  7. WWJD w/Porn? // A look at and the controversy around their ministry.
  8. This thing you call church // Musings on what is ambiguity of "the church community"
  9. I may be a JERK, but first let me prove it to you // Challenge for us to critically examine our own baggage and experiences before just assuming that another will fulfill the same negative experiences.
  10. Theology Game: Bible // Reflections on my approach to scripture per Heather’s game.

BONUS POST: My Grill // After catching so much slack for my man bag, shoes and hair product, I must post about my very manly man grill!

So there you have it, some, all or none of these may turn into new posts.  We’ll see.

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