Alright, so I am just squeezing in under the deadline to post my contributions to Bob’s call to be part of his Horizon Grid Blog 2107*

I think I figured it out right, but in 100 years there is a distinct possibility that in the year 2107, my great-great-grandchildren will be walking around around the age of 20.

Yes, there are some assumptions made: one, that my kids will have kids and B, humanity will not destroy the Earth.  I am going to give humanity the benefit of the doubt and assume that the world will still be here so here are some of my dreams/hopes.

  • Family will matter;
  • Compassion will reign;
  • Cars will fly ala iRobot;
  • Countries will generally get along;
  • We will each have a teleporter and jet pack;
  • ER will FINALLY be canceled.

Turns out I am not very imaginative.

*What is a Grid Blog?

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