This week’s installment of BLOG MAP 10.

Starting Blog:
This week I decided to start with a blog that I read quite a bit for my social networking.  Influential Marketing Blog by Rohit Barghava is worth subscribing to as the posts are solid, informed and will give you much of the content and analysis of most social media area, or at least all the ones you need to know about. Plus, not that numbers are all that, but RB has over 4000 readers via feedburner.

Here it goes . . .

  • Starting Blog #1 // Influential Marketing Blog
  • Blog #2: // The Viral Garden  // I am seriously in techno-media-marketing land.
  • Blog #3: // Customers Rock // More about bathrooms in the latest post that you even knew you needed to know.
  • Blog #4: // Servant of Chaos // I am seriously our of my comfort zone, not because I don’t understand the words, but feel like there are some references that I just don’t get.
  • Blog #5: // Comfortable Disorientation  // More of a personal blog.
  • Blog #6: // The Happiness Project // Interesting project blog. Not quite what I was expecting.  Interesting 12 commandments.
  • Blog #7: // LoobyLu // Cool header graphic.  Awesome that I began where I did and am now at a craft blog. 176 comments on the latest post.  Nice.
  • Blog #8: // Whiney // Yet another nice header and a blog with some quick, pleasant posts.
  • Blog #8: // Wee Wonderfuls // Nice look, lots of crafts, nics pics
  • Final Blog #10: // My Little Mochi // One word, Monster-Cupcakes.  What wonderful pictures.

Happy wanderings!

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