Wow, seems like the last few posts have been a little churchy and serious, so never fear, I proudly still claim my tech geek card.

D&D Baby! – This weekend, my oldest daughter turned 11 and for her "dad gift" I got her the beginner’s set of Dungeons and Dragons.  Yes, I spent many an hour painting my miniature figurines, polishing my dice and building up my Paladin character.  GEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!   And for those of you who know my eldest, she got totally into it with the first phrase after she read some of the directions, "I want to be the dungeon master!"  Yeah, I’m in trouble.

Widget of the Week – Saw this cool widget over on Matt Singley’s blog under the appropriately title, "Geek Stuff." lets you know who else is on that very blog at that very moment.  There is just something very cool looking and feeling about this particular widget.  If there is more than a 1 on the widget below it means someone else is reading something from this blog RIGHT now!  Click on it to see where they are.

site statistics

iPhone – I NEED WANT ONE and am trying to figure out how to faithfully justify its acquisition.  I guess it really wouldn’t be appropriate to start a Facebook Cause. Stop slavery, fight cancer, save the sharks and oh yeah, help buy an iPhone for Bruce.  Curses upon the draw of material shiny things . . . that can change your life 😉

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