This past weekend due to some family obligations I was left with
about 24 hours sans family.  So I got caught up on some reading,
did some church work and then decided to veg out for a while in front of the tube.
Okay, so I know that my media tastes have been mocked at times, so for
me to feel that two experiences were bad enough to blog about is saying

60 Minutes, GONE – Women’s Murder Club must be the absolute worst show EVER that is pretending to be set in San Francisco.  Full House seemed more San Francisco than this show.  Folks, apparently we have a subway in San Francisco and people ride "The Bart" all the time.  Wow.  The best was some intersection of two, yes two four lane roads.  Where in the blazes is THAT?  Thank God for Tevo that it was not an actual 60 minutes.

90 Minutes, GONE – So I decided to watch a movie on On Demand that Robin would not want to watch.  What shall I watch?  Ahh . . . Jessica Alba in The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.  Now normally Jessica can do no wrong.  I mean Honey was totally ignored for the cinematic masterpiece it was, but no amount of pretty was going to save this one.  Thought the first F4 couldn’t get any worse.  Wrong, it could and it did.

Moral of the story: Pretty people does not always a great TV watching experience make.


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