As I am writing this post, I am sitting on the couch watching the first season of Speed Racer while sitting next to a post-vacation sick child.  So sad what a 100+ degree temp does to a normally cheerful kid.  Sometimes all we can do to make the day a little better is to cuddle with them, make sure they drink plenty of fluids and watch cheesy cartoons.  I am so grateful for the ability and resources that allow me to stay home when needed. 

As much as I do know the sinister nature of the marketing that goes on by Disney, the fiscal privilege that allows us to take trips such as this and the totally controlled environment that is Disney, I must admit, it was a pretty special trip.  And not to gush too much about the time and my kids, here are a Godly aha’s that we experienced on our first non-church related family vacation in years.

Joy like a child – There really is nothing more moving than the pure joy that comes from the body of a child.  As we approached the park and began seeing signs that we were about to enter the land of a million dreams, the girls could not contain their squeals of delight.  "We’re here!  We’re here!"  Priceless.

Change is hard – Transitions are hard, no matter the age, but for those moving from little girl to tweener to teen, tying to find one’s place is even more difficult.  Disneyland gives permission to once again wear silly ears, ride the Snow White ride and otherwise stay young if but just for a few more moments.  One child, however, was concerned that her friends might see her parents singing along to the HSM2 show.

Every child is different – Vacations certainly give an opportunity to see the differences in personalities between family members.  Some are the roller-coaster riders, some are ready for bed at 9:00 each night, some like to schedule everything, and others just want to just hang out and see what’s next.  Trying to get agreement on what we were to do and when we did it required deft negotiation skills. And while cause for some frustration at times, these are reminders of the complex and diverse ways that we also connect with God.

You got Skilz – I have always admired the gifts of performers.  Disney has seemed to be able to make what would seem like a pretty cheesy performance opportunities and gather really talented folks to pull of well done productions.  From the 45-minute mini-musical of Aladdin to the various street performers, the abundance of gifts that God has given were evident.

Simple Pleasures – Smoked turkey legs, Cotton Candy, Water Rides, Cheesy Pictures and Pirates.

So . . . nothing overwhelmingly profound from our time away other that an a deep appreciation to God for the ability to create such an experience and memory for our family.  I guess that is profound enough.

And oh, yes, the Force is Strong in this one . . .


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