UPDATED 11.13.07: corrected GA venue

Moderator?  Huh?  Yes, you may missed a blog post last week, but as a nominee to be a commissioner from San Francisco Presbytery, if elected, I will seek the endorsement of the Presbytery to stand for Moderator.

See blog entry: Adventures in Moderation, PC(USA) Style

For those of you who have wondered how you can help with this whole Moderator’s thing here are a few ways that you can show your support and help move my candidacy through the process.  Please keep in mind that until mid-January, most of the energy will be focused on connected with folks who have some involvement in the San Francisco Presbytery. 

The vote for SF Presbytery to elect me as commissioner and hopefully to be endorsed to stand for moderator happens on January 15th.

As of now here are a few ways to get engaged . . .

Public Support – If, as I suspect, there are more and more folks who share worldview, approach to ministry and yearn for the transformation in how we live in community as a denomination, I ask that you let your voices be heard.  Leave comments on my/others’ blogs, blog about it yourself, write newsletter articles, talk to folks, join social networking groups as you see them, basically step up and out into the discourse about the future of the PC(USA).  Without public voices lifted up, transformation cannot take place.

Personal Relationships –  No about of buzz and hype will replace personal connections.  Even if done via new technologies, the experience of a person’s credibility is irreplaceable.  If you so feel called, I would appreciate a good word and/or eMail to your friends in San Francisco Presbytery now and, if the way be clear after January 15, nationally.

What needs to be addressed – It would be very helpful if you know of things that you would want to know in order to better gauge if I would be an appropriate choice for moderator.  If there are certain issues, topics, etc. that you believe deserves some attention, please let me know.

National Campaign – Should I get through the SF Presbytery process, a wide circle of friends and supporters will be need to help get the word out before and during General Assembly.  If you would like to be part of the campaign team, drop me a note and I’ll send out the invitation to the campaign Facebook group.  This will be a private group.  Should there be some energy to do so, there may also be a public support group as well.

Date to save #1:
January 15th, 2008, First Presbyterian, Berkeley
Commissioner Election and if all goes well, Moderatoratoral Endorsement vote.

Date to save #2: if all goes well, re: Date to save #1
June 20-21, 2008, San Jose Convention Center
Moderator Campaign and Election
GA Committee on Local Arrangements (COLA)

For those that have already sent me notes of encouragement and support albeit all prefaced with the sentiment "ARE YOU CRAZY?" thanks!  Please let me know if you have any questions!


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