Just in case you don’t see in mirror vision, it says, "I voted" which I did.  And fully understanding the importance of the secret ballot, I also think that unless one fears bodily harm or social retribution, one should also stand up and out for one’s vote.

So here is this "one’s" voting card with the ones that I think are the most important and/or controversial.  You all are on your own for the rest.

Mayor: Gavin Newsom // A liberal democrat in any other town, pretty telling that no one, even his biggest critics could muster up any kind of candidacy.

District Attorney: Kamala Harris // Rock Star in a good way, get ready to begin the Kamala for Mayor chants now.

Measure A: YES – Parking is hard in the city, but we are in the city.  Limit those parking spaces.

Measure E: NO – This is just a plain ole waste of time.  Newsflash, we are NOT parliament!

Measure H: NO – Really, more parking lots and spaces?  Sorry, this driver says no no no!

Measure J: YES – Free city-wide wi-fi?  Yes, many things to work out, but should this even be a question?

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