Many of you know the saga of the church plant.  Like wandering nomads, we move from place to place in the hopes that someday we may find somewhere that we can call home, maybe not permanently, but for a while.  MBCC has been in 7 location over our 7 years of existence and again, we are searching.

While love our current location in many ways, with increased attendace comes increased space needs.  We need of more space for our kids, space for some groups to meet on Sundays, less unused space during the week and well, a little more stability.  Our lease runs out at the end of November 2008 and the rates quoted for us to renew are prohibitive.  Such is life in the SF real estate market.

We know that the process takes a long time.  We searched for more than 18 months for our current location and there is limited inventory that fit our needs.  Still, we will enter the process once again trying to cover many different areas and possibilities.  The one shift we have made is that we are willing to move outside of the Potrero Hill/Mission Bay as we now draw from all over.  We were very close to a deal that fell through at the last moment so
are taking a little breather for the holidays and then will hit full
steam in 2008.

So . . . if you have any ideas, locations, friends-of-friends, etc, please feel free to pass them my way and I’ll get info to the various teams working on stuff here. 

Here are a few of our needs/wants:


  • Zoned for public assembly usage

Pretty close to non-negotiable

  • Sunday AM availability, approx 8:00am-2:00pm
  • open gathering space for up to 150
  • separate classroom or break-out space for about 30
  • storage
  • parking not horrible or possible lot rental
  • good public transportation access
  • signage

Other Variables:

  • we are open to Sunday only, as long as the space could be reconfigured in the round;
  • we would prefer a master lease as we have a current sub-tenant that we would like to bring with us;
  • we have a full space of couches, tables, chairs, sound system, etc that we would like to be able to use;
  • we are open to any type of space: church, theater or performance space, cafe, club, community room, etc.
  • we are open to most parts of San Francisco, though probably not further out than past the 9th/Irving area.

So . . . please pass the word, have folks get in touch with me and/or otherwise be part of our search for a new home.  Growth in body and spirit is a good problem to have, so I trust that the Spirit will move as the Spirit will move.  Hope you can be a part of it!

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