I figured that some someday I would have to have some kind of comment policy, just so everyone was clear about my understandings of blog interaction.  Up to this point, I have had to delete very few comments (mostly spam) and have never really thought that I needed to go to the moderated comment structure. But with this whole Moderator thing, I am being a little more proactive.  Sure, like most bloggers, I was just going to make up my own snarky version, but figured, hey, yet another opportunity to see what others a thinking.

So . . . on my search here are some things I found, snippets in some cases, great lists in others.  While each may present differently, the commonality is the hope to create a space where folks can engage in helpful and healthy dialog.

One of the first rules from Vox ex Machina
If you are a racist or sexist a$$hole and make the mistake of
defiling my blog with your racist or sexist comments, I reserve the
right to mock you in your very own shiny happy blog entry. EDIT: This
applies only to the people who openly spew hate speech; if you are
commenting out of a genuine desire to debate or understand, your
comment will be approved and debated, not roundly mocked.

Short and sweet from Jim Berkley
Sign your comments, please!
Because I feel so strongly about the unfairness and harm caused by
anonymous postings, not only is a Blogger pseudonym required to post a
comment, but I also require on postings a full name, with city and
state, such as: Jim Berkley, Bellevue, WA. Any comments not so signed
are subject to removal. We are fairer to one another when we discourse
as persons, not as anonymous strangers.

Not sure I will have the same issues but the Department of Homeland Security’s Leadership Blog obviously does.
This Journal is not to be used to report criminal activity. If you have
information for law enforcement, please contact your local police or see Report Incidents.

And a few good links to help one think about a comments and comment policy’s

So as of today, 11.14.07 My Comment/s Guidelines.

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