12.01.07 UPDATE: Great follow-up post with some good links from Vox en Machina.


This is totally last minute, but if folks can make it, GREAT!  If you are not from the SF Bay Area, check out the campaign, odds are there is a chapter near you!  Hope to see you there!


What: The first Abolitionist Coalition meeting of the San Francisco Bay Area.
Where: Cafe International is at 508 Haight Street (cross street Fillmore)
When: The meeting is this Wednesday, Nov 28th at 6pm.

Why: It’s time for all the Bay Area abolitionists to meet each other! We’re calling on all faith communities, university/law students, business leaders, NGOs, governmental leaders, and any individual to join the Not for Sale Campaign at Café International this Wednesday evening.

The Not for Sale Campaign is aiming to build the Abolitionist Coalition meeting into a monthly affair where Bay Area abolitionists come together to coordinate action to combat human trafficking and modern slavery in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We apologize for the short notice time. In the future we’ll definitely give a greater head’s up time, but we think it’s best to get the first Coalition Meeting in before the holidays really rev into high gear.

Any questions please feel free to contact me Mark Wexler.

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