Not looking for any sympathy here, but wow, I sucked today.  I think my baseline of leading MBCC’s time for interpretation and reflection is decent, but today  . . . I am sorry.  Ever have one of those days where things made a ton of sense when they first were entered in the page, but then come delivery and it all comes out as crazy talk?

That was today.

What makes MBCC even more difficult is that it is pretty intimate in the setting and interaction so there is no hiding behind a manuscript, pulpit and or anything else.  So much of my time is predicated on asking good questions and encouraging dialog that if I screw that up and confuse people, it is a one-way ticket Sucksville for me and everyone else.

We visited Sucksville today my friends about 15 minutes into the debacle that was my "sermon" I bailed and bailed fast.  Get thee to Communion preacher boy!

But still . . . the silver lining is thin, but here are a few learnings:

  • Thank God that I consider proclamation to be about the entire of the week and the relationships I build with folks.  If this were the only interaction, it would be even more harsh . . . sorry first-time visitors.
  • Body of work, body of work, body of work.
  • Graciousness.  Folks could tell that I was wallowing a bit and did not have my "A" game.  Our people tease when appropriate and offer words of encouragement when needed.  I especially appreciate that folks did not let me off the hook, but won’t let me wallow.
  • God is funny.   I consider myself a decent communicator and sometime rely on that too much.  HA, no more says God.
  • Folks were able to say, "Um . . . you are confusing the crap out of us.  We would REALLY like to go with ya, but . . ."  Hopefully visitors will sense the community’s healthy ability to interact.  One can hope.

Next Sunday, just one week away!

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