I "had" to burn the rest of a Borders gift card, so aimlessly wandering the aisles I picked up Blogging Heroes: Interviews with 30 of the World’s Top Bloggers and started thumbing through it.  I have just started reading but so far this book of interviews with top bloggers is really good.

For you BLOGGING addicts . . . you will get two things out of the book.  One, articulation/affirmation for some the practices and approaches that you already integrate into your blogging.  And, two, a few nuggets and aha’s that will seem so obvious, but you never knew.

For you BLOGGING newbies . . . you will get two things as well.  One, you will benefit from the real-life experiences from real-life-bloggers about art and practice of blogging.  And, two, it becomes painfully clear how NOT imposing blogging can be.  These are pretty much regular Joe’s who have found a way to share their knowledge and opinions and a significant number of people who care to read them.

Not everyone should/could be a blogging hero.  There will be some limitations based on focus area, writing ability, intent and in my case, gray matter, but regardless of your blogging status, this is a good read.

[image: Internet Duct Tape]
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