After dodging flying garbage cans this AM from one of the worst storms we have had in SF in a long time, I got to my coffee destination, thought about blogging and realized that I got nothin’ – not because I don’t have anything say, but because nothing seems worth the energy.  I could finish a few posts that I half done or I could follow my own advice for blogging when stuck" or I could just wander aimlessly like this.

  • I think Studio 60 is brilliant, all six DVD’s ;-(
  • My mom got a Mac!  Welcome to the cult!
  • JibJab made me laugh today. Thanks A!
  • Abby said this morning, "Look Dad, the trees are dancing."  Yeah, and about to fall on our car.
  • Sometimes I feel like an impostor.
  • I do believe in the salvific nature of the life, death and bodily resurrection of Jesus, AND I am a postmodern. *gasp*
  • I love that actually claiming that one is postmodern seems so not postmodern.
  • Where are your memories held?
  • I was on this wagon a long time ago, thank you very much.
  • It’s hard to be four.
  • I think I guilted my younger bro into friending his dorky older bother.
  • Sometimes we are not as subversive or as radical as we would like to think we are.
  • I really do want to be good at everything.
  • There is a karaoke machine in our basement.
  • This whole moderator thing is slightly surreal.
  • I hate the feeling of having just a LITTLE too much on one’s plate.
  • One of our daughters did something REALLY sweet this weekend.  Experiencing God through one’s chillin’s can be a wonderful feeling.
  • Deadline is a Facebook app even you cultured, NPR snobs can get into 😉
  • And as always, send me a Shrute Buck, I need a break!
  • My diet has started again. *sigh*
  • Expansive languag for God is important.
  • Sometimes I like starting pandora radio stations just to mess with my friends, "Does he REALLY listen to this?"  You’ll just never know.
  • I neeeeeeed a new motorcycle. Yes, I said NEED!
  • Not sure if this is a good parenting move.
  • Stop for pedestrians people!
  • I love goat cheese!  I am just saying.

Peace out!

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