Should the moderator endorsement happen
on Tuesday, you will soon see the launching of a new blog, facebook/myspace groups, national travel plans and
more all in an effort to get the word out about my stand for moderator
and the issues I hope to address.  While I am taking nothing for
granted, I am also being transparent about the realities of such an
endeavor.  Being faithfully and diligently organized is a gift and for
the many folks who have already stepped up to offer help and support,
in the words of my 6-year-old, "You rock!"

One of the issues will be that some folks will be new to the whole blog thing and I want this to be a positive experience for folks.  I know that it is not always possible.  In fact, "Blog Newbie Condescension" or BNC is  seriously underreported phenomenon afflicting church people everywhere.  We all went through it, but our shame has been hidden for years. Remember, it went something like this.

Geek: "Dude, have read "_______’s" blog? "
You: "What’s a blog?"
Geek: "What?!?!?  You don’t know what a blog is?  Man you are square.  How can you call yourself a 21st century church.  You are the reason the church is dyeing.  You suck and i am pretty sure Jesus in NOT a happy camper!"
You: slowly melting into a pile of shame, "Sorry for living."
Your inside voice: "All I need is a little help and I am sure I would get it."

Well, maybe it wasn’t that bad for you, but you know how it can be.

One of the pages that we want to have on the blog is kind of a "Blogging 101" page that is not filled with a bunch of jargon, but provides enough explanation to make even the most novice reader feel like that can get around.

So . . . because this could be quite the thing for one person to take on, I turn to you all (techies, veterans or newbies) to help me answer these questions for folks who might be new to this whole interwebs thing.  So my geekyfantastic friends, if you submit SOME kind of response in the next few days, you’ll get a link from my new blog*, thus appealing to your blogging narcissistic side and possibly generating some traffic.

In not more than three sentences (not including any additional outside links you would suggest) how would you answer any/or all of the following?

What is a blog? 2.0?
What are comments and how do I leave one?
How do make sure I don’t miss new posts?
What is a widget?
This is cool, how do I start my own blog?

Other links that might be helpful for those who want to dive in a little further.

Please feel free to answer here or drop me an eMail.  Thanks in advance.

* If I do not already know you, I reserve the right NOT to link back if your blog is rated R or higher.  Sorry got the kiddos to think of.

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