We’ll, they done lost their minds 😉

This evening the Presbytery of San Francisco endorsed me to stand – we say “stand” because we are not really “running” . . . stop laughing – for Moderator of the 218th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA).  With this post I will try as much as possible to NOT blog about the moderator stuff because I know for many of you think I have simple lost my mind and/or you just don’t care.

I hear ya.

So in exchange for not blogging about Presbyterian moderator stuff I would ask the following from my Presbyterian and non-Presbyterian readers:

  • Subscribe to my moderator blog if you want to stay in the loop;
  • Add some blog bling to your blog or website to help a brutha out;
  • Write an endorsement on your blog;
  • Create a video endorsement and upload to YouTube with”Reyes-Chow” as one of your tags;
  • Join the Facebook Group and/or add the Facebook Fan Page to your FB profile;
  • Pray pray pray pray and pray some more;
  • And if you are in the mood, send me a Schrute Buck 😉

This in a very exciting time for me, my family, the church I serve as well as many friends and strangers who have offered notes/words of encouragement.  Thank you.

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