Well, I guess it is official as I have received my first personal Endorsement.  While I understand the relative effect of endorsements may vary from person to person, I do value the gesture of putting one’s support out there for all to see.  Thanks Neal.

Bruce Reyes-Chow brings the kind of leadership the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) needs for such a time as this. His extraordinary and proven ministry with Mission Bay Community Church and throughout the Church shows what the Church can be at its best — bringing the authentic witness of Jesus Christ to all people. Bruce was nurtured by and in the Reformed faith, values our tradition, while seeing the limitless possibilities of God. At a time when we need someone who can unify all sides of the theological spectrum, all racial-ethnic groups and ages and welcome them to the Table to lead together, Bruce Reyes-Chow is that proven leader. I urge commissioners to the 218th General Assembly to elect him.

Rev. Neal D. Presa Pastor, Middlesex Presbyterian Church (Middlesex, NJ) Former Vice Chair, General Assembly Council Convener/Chair, Caribbean & North American Area Council, World Alliance of Reformed Churches

Not sure how these will be used, but if you feel compelled to add your voice to the chorus, please visit the ENDORSEMENT PAGE for ways to offer your public support.  I will from time to time highlight some, especially when I have nothing else to blog about 😉

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