Okay, so tonight it finally happens.  All the talk, all the prep, all the reconnecting with friends and asking folks to give up even more time to something as crazy as a denominational moderator election.  5:30 today, it happens.  SF Presbytery will decide on whether or not they will endorse me to stand for Moderator of the 218th General Assembly of the PC(USA)

Approved or not, the journey really has been a lot of fun even before it has become official in any sense.  Thanks to those who have helped me discern, pushed a little and have been the voices, faces and eMails of Christ for me over the past six months.

Yeah, yeah, in some ways this is HUGE: this under-40, pomo, urban, pastor looks create some movement for a 2million+ member denomination.  And yeah, yeah, in so many ways it is pretty insignificant in the whole scheme of the things.  Sitting with both voices in my head, I am.

If this should happen it all begins with some kind of sacrifice, willingly done, but a sacrifice nonetheless.

Mine begins with the fact that I have a ticket to opening day of MacWorld, but because of this whole moderator thing, I can’t go until tomorrow.  Oh the sacrifices we make in the name of Jesus 😉

Sad macboy, I’ll try not to let it show at Presbytery today 😉

And, if you care, check back on this blog at 8:00 Cali time to see how it went.

Say a little prayer that God’s will be done AND we recognize it for what it is, not just for the moderator endorsement, but for our decisions regarding the ordination of Lisa Larges.

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