Yep, that’s me sitting ironically sitting in the Microsoft Blogger Lounge here at the 2008 MacWorld Expo.   As I was on the muni this AM on my way here, I was practically giddy.  Irrational, childish, geeky, call it what you will, if you are a Mac person, this is as good as it gets.  After the last few weeks of crazy culminating with last night’s festivities, it is great to just walk around without a purpose, other than to gawk and grab freebies of which there is not as much as I would have expected.  Oh well.

I look forward to seeing people’s lists from the MacWorld Expo experience as there are always some great software announcements, but here are a few "reviews" from the first part of my day.

LiveWorship – Anyone use it?  I am not particularly fond of MediaShout and disparately want the church to go Mac.  The folks were really helpful and pointed out some key differences between MediaShout and LiveWorship.  May give it a go.

Electronic Frontier Foundation – If you are a non-profit, I’ll always listen to the schpeal.  EFF – Protecting Rights and Promoting Freedom on th Electronic Frontier – seems like a good group to go with your Creative Commons License.

Susteen/DataPilot – TACKY.  Really?  Miniskirts, tight t-shirts and pumps?!?!?  Now I am the last person to claim Mac people to not thrive on outward imagery, but this is not it. 

It is good to switch bubbles if not for a few hours.

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