Today I was in Ab’s classroom to help with reading and since it was raining filled in for Ms. V. during recess so she could take a break.  Too fun hanging out with 20 first-graders.  The best part was watching a group of them build a castle and then spend 10 minutes passionately and animatedly discuss the merits of the fortification and whether it really could stand up to an attack.  This is important stuff.  Gotta love first graders!

Props to Shawn who came clean as he discussed the upcoming General Assembly on the monthly DAIO Podcast.  I was wondering how long he was going to let the charade go on.  If you have not subscribed to this podcast, it is well with the listen.  Some good folks out there.  Plus David Ealy finally joined Facebook. 

Somewhat disappointing is the Chia Pet that Ev has been nurturing (And I REALLY mean she has been taking good care of this thing.) because, well, just look at it.  Plus, it is kinda stinky.  I am not even sure what it is supposed to be.


Less disappointing is that today, I also took a break and did a little thrifting at the local places here in the city.  Treasure were a plenty my friends!

Lastly, if you like Yelping as well as Twittering, then PlaceShout might be for you.  Because there is ALWAYS time to share your opinion.


[h/t: Mashable]
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