Today we are leaving for Disneyland.

No, you are not crazy . . . we were JUST there.

We return this time with my mom, step-pop and niece, Ava!  That mean momz will have all four of her grandbabies with her.  Hopefully she will get all weepy with joy while we are standing line.  How embarrassing 😉

I thought about not bringing my computer and totally unplugging, but then figured, "yeah right" it’s not like I am going on some outbound mission trip or hiking in some backwoods part of the world.  We are going to have to google some directions at some point for gosh darn sake.  More justification you ask?  I also didn’t want to go through that freak-out stressful time before going on vacation.  I have a few things to do for church, but would rather just take a few minutes on Wednesday PM to take care of them rather than cram one more thing into the prep day.  Yeah, I’m hooked.  But in a good way 😉

I’ll probably blog a bit here over the week, but will mostly sit back, relax and be further sucked into the evil empire we know as Disney.

And the reading list for this trip:

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