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Last night was our kids’ school’s annual Children’s Art Show and Auction.  There are too many reasons to name why we believe our girls are thriving here, this being only one of them.

We are a school that always talks about community, community, community.  Often people come to the annual tours and says, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, everyone talks about it, but do you really do it?”

I think we do.  The Auction “experience” with all the trauma, turmoil and work is one of the ways we model being in community.   Last night was the 15th annual such event, one of two big fundraisers we put on every year.  I am particularly proud of the fact that our focus is not solely on bringing in the Benjamin’s but three-fold:

SUPPORT our children by raising money to support vital PTA programs and services;
STRENGTHEN our school and relationships by sharing in a process of planning and leadership;
BUILD our community by gathering for an evening of friendship and fun;

Some would like us to focus more on the money-making aspect, but I think we are better off modeling for our kids the entire process of a community working towards a goal.  This place really is like being in a church community: all the joys and struggles of people brought together around a common center.  This place has basically been an extension of the values that we already try to instill in our kids . . . minus all the Jesus-talk.  We are blessed to be a part of it all.

And then there is the artwork.  This year’s school-wide focus was on the Blues.  Guided by artist-in-residence Marcus Shelby, the entire school experienced the story and impact of the Blues.  Our school is one of the highest performing schools in the district – both in testing and in helping to form all-around great kids – and the integration of art and creativity are vital aspects of our success.  Blues inspired art-work along with some of the other creative pieces once again illustrate the impact and importance of art and creativity in the development of our kids.

Plus . . . we won some cool stuff 😉

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