In a blatant attempt to keep the attention of blog
readership – and because I am not feeling particularly creative –  here are five posts from my other blog that I re-discovered
upon a random stroll through memory lane.  Because I believe in the importance of a body of work, I wanted to add to the original 11 posts that give a glimpse into this guy standing for moderator.

Stop Playing the "Let me tell you why you should respect me game" // I muse about the uncomfortable and annoying practice that so many of us play in order to gain power we think we deserve.

Discernment Smishcernment // Thoughts on how we may make decisions in our lives.

Bleep that Chinaman // Reflections on race today and a startling discovery outside my favorite cafe.  Warning: there is some strong language on the picture taken.

Santa, Jesus and Elmo // How we deal with Santa and the Christmas season.

Reflections on Emergent and emerging churches //Some thoughts on the movement, the organizations and the realities of any human driven entity.

These are only snapshots of my blog life, so please take some time to wander around, comment, challenge, affirm, etc. 


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