I hope that everyone had a good Easter.  Easter at Mission Bay was pretty exciting.  Our 2008 Easter card created quite the stir in the gaming community, but other than that, Easter was Easter with all the joy and fellowship that comes with a journey of hope.

The crew is headed to Southern California for the week to spend some time with Mickey, so I’ll pull back on my blogging here for a bit.  In order to help folks get to know me, I will be periodically offering links to past blogs posts.   If you have not seen the original 11 posts or the next five please feel free to keep digging around the blog to get to know me.  For those of you who are new to the blogsphere, I hope you are getting a sense that blogs are much more about getting to know that whole person.  Blogging allows for the complexities that we human possess to come through over time.  So, while I take full responsibility for every post I share, no one single post entirely defines me.  Thanks goodness 😉

I’ll be back with some original content in a week or so.  Enjoy.


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