As a Youth Advisory Delegate advisor for many years, much of the orientation that we gave was to help translate some of the unspoken rules and rhythms of General Assembly.  As this moderator journey unwinds, here is another one of those unknown rhythms that might be helpful for folks to know more about: getting the candidates to show up at your pre-election GA event.

While there are certainly no guarantees of attendance by any or all of us, if you want the candidates to show up at your pre-election GA event, here is what you need to know/do:

  • There is a general agreement that we will not attend any pre-election GA event unless all candidates have been invited.   While we will each need to make choices about which events we WILL attend, you need to invite all of us if you hope to get any of us.
  • To invite me, please contact the good Rev. Leslie Veen [eMail] as she is the one who will be making sure I get to where I am supposed get – AKA dragging my extroverted self from group to group in a timely fashion – during the two days of crazy before the election on Saturday PM.  If you would like to invite the other candidates, please contact each candidate via their websites. [Roger] [Carl] [Bill]
  • It would be helpful for everyone if you let us know what the the setting and format of the gathering.  Are we mingling in an informal setting, making a statement, answering questions, etc.?  Just let us know so we can be prepared.

POST-ELECTION EVENTS – This is a whole other animal both for immediately after the election as well as during the following two years.  All of those requests should go the the office of General Assembly and Joyce Evans [eMail].  A few thoughts, should I be elected on the whole travel thing . . .

  • Depending on who is elected, we will each have different ideas about travel.  I know that for me with a new church, three kids and a very very very understanding spouse I am going to be pretty diligent about adhering to a strict travel schedule.   Should I be elected I am committed to traveling roughly 3 out of every 8 weeks over the two years.
  • I will give priority to events that are thinking about the church and its future, are addressing cultural shifts and/or are important symbolic places that the moderator should attend.
  • If there is a professional baseball club – rookie-league to the Big Show – and/or great local coffee spots, that is certainly a plus.  In lieu of that, I can always be bought with good food 😉

We are now only about three-and-half months away from San Jose.  Pretty exciting, don’t ya think?  Look forward to seeing/meeting more of you in San Jose if not before.

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