Someone threw up all over my blog!  Dear Lord, what did I do to piss off the sidebar elves?!?!?!?  Excuses, excuses, I know.  While I try to keep it simple, I must admit, I love love love widgets.  I know some feel like I have more bling than Nelly, but it is my blog and if I want the equivalent of the game room velvet "Dogs playing poker" painting on my blog, so be it.

I have even made an effort by NOT putting everything on that I could, evidenced by and entire page dedicated to Tacky Widgets.  Basically, it could be worse. 

You’re welcome.

But . . . that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate simplicity, a great color scheme, good looks and original content.   Now I know some of you all are going to get all bent out of shape because your blog is not listed, so here is a pre-emptive, "I am sorry.  Your blog is pretty too."

Words not necessary, these are just ones at which I like to look.

I am inspired.  Maybe it is time for a blog make-over. 

Because I need something else to do 😉

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