You are in trouble now.

I am writing this blog using my new software MacSpeech Dictate. I remember back in the day we used to use Dragon. That was about as clunky as you can get. During my MacWorld visit I purchased a MacSpeech Dictate and am very satisfied. If any of you have wanted to use a voice recognition software this one works great with my Mac .  Two thumbs up. And it doesn’t even pick up my eldest child and her friend mocking me from the other room. 😉

As far as accuracy, it is excellent. Very little setup time and all the commands actually make sense.  If you get it, it also comes with a great headset, though I did learn that the input on my MacBook is a line-in and not a microphone jack, so the USB adapter must be used.

I will probably use it most as I thinking sermons, speeches and other stuff that i am doing to gear up for the last few months of the Moderator journey.

All-in-all good times!

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