Oh now we gone and done it!  Our 2008 “Come and Follow Mii” postcard has totally blowuptuated in the gaming world.  They laughed, the cried, they defended and they mocked.  And in the end I think it is pretty awesome that an small idea born at the end of a book group over bubble tea and laughter has created such a level of conversation.

Unlike many at MBCC, I am not a gamer, so these websites – and much of the vernacular used within them – is totally foreign to me.  Still the blend of thoughtfullness, passion, anger, judgment, humor and insight was fascinating.

Here are three sites w/comments worth taking a look at or you just need to google “follow mii” or “mii church” and you’ll get a bunch of links.  [Ongoing List]



You really have to read the comments yourself, but here are a few highlights that show the breadth and depth of the reactions.

On the color of our Wii Jesus // omicron1

Also, on racial issues: Jesus’ human body would have been similar in race to his Israeli parents – neither white nor black, per se, but a sort of deep tanned skin color – sort of like the Mii above. However, as we really don’t have any photographs of Christ’s Bar Mitzvah, it has fallen to various church elders to reconstruct Christ’s visage in their own mind’s eyes and transcribe it to statues and paintings – thus we have black Christs in Africa and white Christs in Europe. It really doesn’t matter either way, to be honest.  

On MBBC’s irreverace // Chibi Forte

Can you say “emergent”?  “Seeker sensitive”, perhaps?  And, obviously, “irreverent”?  Really, this whole idea of “Churches being relevant to the culture” is driving me nuts. Can’t we just stick to sermons that are preached exegetically and reverently and go from there?  I mean, I would begrudgingly let them pass muster in a few areas on their website (membership classes, membership not equaling true conversion, lack of clown communion, etc.), but the sheer irreverent attitude and the pathetic mission statement disgusts me, frankly.  I’ll keep listening to my John MacArthur and John Piper, thank you.

On the intent // OnLegendary86

It’s not sacreligious dude. Jesus was a man who had fun and danced and drank wine. There is nothing wrong with some cool advertising that makes people look at Christians and think of church differently.

There are many observations to make from the comments, least of all the passionate and strong opinions that are shared about the church and Jesus.  There seems to be both a reverence and repulsion about the church as well as assumptions about what kind of community MBCC is.  Again, fascinating.

In the end, like our website, if it offends you at that level, MBCC might not be a place where you will be fed.  But . . . if you could take it for what it was, a playful attempt at wit and welcome, MBCC might be a place for you.

Again, fascinating.

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