I am a schmuck [Definition].

Sometimes, I get to a place where I think I have left schmuckiness behind for a life of wisdom and peace, but no, I soon am reminded that above all I am a schmuck. 

This afternoon I had the pleasure of having lunch with a colleague who has been in our Presbytery for five years.  We have not had much interaction – if at all – until about six months ago when we discovered that we were both on Facebook.

What a good person.  We learned a little about each other. Talked about the uniquely different congregations that we serve, mused about possible partnerships and just hung out a bit.  Good stuff.

I am a schmuck because it took 5 years for us to connect.  This was not for any particular reason.  We just never really connected.


Better late then never, I suppose.

Now I wonder who else out there I am missing out on knowing.

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