After my post about Too old for an identity crisis, someone sent me this one, What Asian People Like.  I have decided that I am not White.

A few nights ago our youngest crawled onto my lap and fell asleep.  Being the whirling dervish momma’s girl that she is, she hasn’t done that in a while.  She can be so so so sweet.   I still remember when each of them fit head-to-toe on my chest and we would nap together.  The drippy dad in me is sad that we are seeing the youngest leave behind life stages that we won’t have again in our children.  There have been a few of those moments as of late in each of our children as we truly see our girls growing up right before our eyes.  I went back and read my post, A Letter to my Daughters, and yep, still mean every word.

I love the church I serve.  They push me to think about what church and community means and I hope to do the same.  Plus they are just freaking funny.  Some think that my running standing for Moderator is totally ridiculous – which I need to hear – while others think it is pretty awesome – which I also need to hear.

Was just on a podcast on The Phoenix Journal; three guys, a mic and mad editing skillz.

I was trying to purge my google reader – good luck – and stumbled upon these blogs that I had not read or linked to in a while.

MetroDad poppycock from a cocky pop
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The Creativity ExchangeRichard Florida on the creative class
Racialicious the intersection of race and pop culture
Wittenburg Door blog – From the Wittenburg Door Magazine

And for those that need another Rick Astley flashback fix, here is the VH-1 Pop-up Video version on "Never gonna you up."  You’re welcome.

Schrute Buck?

Stanley Nickle?

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