It is interesting that as I have been talking with folks lately the two questions that keep coming up again and again regarding the whole moderator thing are these:

  • What moved you to stand for moderator?
  • What is your platform?

Well, the first one is easy. 

I feel called by God.

And . . . I feel like some of the the ways that God has moved in my life are converging with the needs/yearnings of the denomination.  See [Why Bruce?]

And . . . there is a movement of transformation and hope in our church and I want to be part of it in effective and appropriate ways.

As far as a "platform" goes I understand that any message that a candidate brings is only about one’s hopes, passions and beliefs about the church.  I have already talked about what I feel is the purpose of the moderator and none of it lies in promising that something will happen should I be elected.  That is not the role of the moderator.  So sorry to disappoint.  You get none of . . . "If I am elected, I promise that there will be a Bible on every nightstand and every man, women and child will commit to memory the The Heidleberg Catechism [Book of Confessions PDF]."

What I do offer as my contribution to the life of the church should I be elected – and well even if I am not elected – are these four commitments.


My hopes, passion and intentions for service should I be elected moderator:

To be fair, deliberate and authentic by . . .

Assuming the faithfulness of all
Claiming my own truths
Appreciating the truths of others

To instigate conversations about larger culture shifts and the future of the church by . . .

Discerning faithful responses to a rapidly changing world
Interpreting larger cultural shifts to the church
Interacting with emerging, transforming, thriving Christian communities

To claim my role in the movement of denominational hope by . . .

Acknowledging the hope and optimism that is evident
Encouraging involvement in the transformation and movement of the church
Creating space for transformative engagement and interactions

To remain true to whom God has called me to be as a person, pastor, husband and dad by . . .

Caring for the spiritual, emotional and physical well-being of myself, my family and the church I serve
Claiming, nurturing and living the joy I have in my life committed to Christ
Listening for God’s guiding and peace-filled spirit in the midst of a world and church filled with chaos and change


I hope this helps somewhat.  As always, please push-back with thoughts, questions, affirmation and or comments.

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