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Updated invitation
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Okay, so lets just acknowledge the very strange reality that the four candidates this year are all men.  I am sure this has happened before, but I don’t remember it at any of the GA’s that I have attended. 

Details are still being worked out but it looks like all four of us will be a "Moderator Candidate Meet and Greet" to be held at The Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville on Friday, April 25th from 7:00pm-9:00pm. 

From Mark Smith’s Save the Date posting

On the evening of Friday, April 25 there will be a Moderator
Candidate Meet and Greet event at the Presbyterian Church of
Lawrenceville, NJ.  All 4 candidates for Moderator of the 218th General
Assembly of the PC(USA) have agreed to attend as long as timing and
schedules permit.

More details will be forthcoming.  The event is being run by the
Central Jersey Moderator Candidate Host Committee.  The session of the
church has graciously allowed the use of the building without charge.

I’ll have more information as time goes on.  We will be inviting all
commissioners, YADs, Presbytery Moderators and Presbytery Stated Clerks
from the 7 NJ presbyteries.  We will also invite the TSADs from local
seminaries once they are chosen.  There should be room for other
interested Presbys as well.

Hope to see you all there!

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