Pending any more big news about this, this will be the last specific post on the ruckus raised by our 2008 Easter graphic.  I have always understood the viral nature of things, but this is still surprising on so many levels about the activity still being generated.  It will be interesting to see how much it moves with only one more day left before Easter.

Obviously we liked the postcard, but not everyone does or will.  We have moved out of the gaming community and I found the first Christian church blog to take us in the negative,

Observe the profane manner in which the Savior of the world is treated by Mission Bay Community Church

And looks like the Aussies have picked up on it as well as Ubuntucat alerted me to this Podcast by what looks like a pretty well known gaming crew.


This [podcast] from captures a general feel from the gaming community about all of this hubbub about out Easter Card.

I am also keeping a running list of posts with unique commentary and or good conversations over on the MBCC Blog if you want to keep up with the buzz.

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