[photo by pepe50]

The world has a fascination with the next big thing.  We are enthralled by size, power and explosions metaphorical and real.  The church is the same way, especially those of us in the church already.

A good example of this is  Mission Bay Community Church, where I serve as the pastor.  Because we are an NCD – Presbyterianese for Church Plant – with some street cred in terms of of being urban, Presbyterian and younger, we are often lifted up – justified or not – as a church to see.  We often get lookyloos on Sunday AM that have heard of us and want to check us out.  They are usually from seminaries, people on vacation, and the occasional pastor looking for new ideas.  That’s cool.  If we can help spark some conversations and/or questions for other folks, I’m down with that.  We have no territory issues here.  The odd thing is that the biggest reaction we get from people who are “observing” the animal known as MBCC, is that they basically, say “Huh, it’s just a church.”  And while most people are pretty positive about this, there is also the occasional, “Well, that’s not all that big of a deal.”  Both reaction are cool.  One, we never claimed to be anything more than a church and two, see number one.  All we have ever claimed to be is a church.  I think a special place should you choose to engage, but nevertheless, just a church.

I can soooooo live with that.

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