Every once in a while I am going pull tidbits of other peoples posts that I think are worth reading.  While you certainly can leave comments on this post, it is my hope that folks will visit the particular blogs and engage in other places around the blogosphere.  The posts I will select are from a variety of people, theological perspectives, spiritual journeys and cultural contexts.  Including them does not mean I agree or disagree, but that I think they offer something to larger discourse about life, faith and church.


From Jim Bonewald’s post, Techno Sabbath

As a result of my spiritual retreat last week, I decided that I needed
to re-evaluate the place of technology in my life. I came away thinking
that the time I’ve spent over the last several years on the computer
has had a negative effect on various aspects of my life, and that it’s
really time for me to change my relationship with technology.
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From Carol Howard Merritt’s reflections on, The emerging church

I am, more and more, being identified as part of the emerging church, especially since I’m a part of presbymergent.
I get calls from people in all sorts of denominations, some strangers
and some friends, asking me the same thing: “What do you think of the
emerging church? Is it a fad? Should we be paying attention to this?”

And I respond. I try to answer subjectively and succinctly, but the
words tumble out, quickly, with a swirl of emotion. Let me try to
dissect a couple of things that I’m feeling.
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From Toby Brown’s, Pastoral Identities that Must Die, Part Five: The Veep

Today we sail into choppy seas, as we tackle yet another pastoral
identity that must die. This identity is one for which many of us long,
in our murky, muddled, complicated lives: The VP pastor, the Visionary
Prophet. Call them Veeps.
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From Leslie Veen’s sermon post, Hosting Angels

We, as Christians, worship a God who lives in community – a God whose
very being is community: the Trinity. God, the loving parent. God, the
obedient child. God, the indwelling spirit. All three give and take
equally from one another in loving community. This very God created us.
And God didn’t create us in just any old manner. No, God created us in
God’s own image.
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