Updated on March 11, 2008

After hearing it from The Corner and getting some thoughts from others, here is what I have done.  I am using the FireFox add-on TwitterBar that allows you to update your status (or post a link) on your address bar.  Then thanks to LW, I added the TwitterSync Facebook Application which updates your status w/o the messy "Twittering . . ." thing at the beginning of the status.


[h/t: Introverted  One]

I have many friends who Twitter.  I have never really gotten into it all that much as I am much more inclined to use the Facebook status updater.  I must admit though, I do love hearing about what folks are doing.  I know some people don’t care about such mundane things as where you are going, what you are eating or *gasp* a nugget of hysterical wisdom that may pulsing through your brain at a particular moment . . . but I do.  So I follow a bunch of folks via IM and feel like in some what I am staying a little more connected.

Not sure if I will start using it again, but who knows.  In any case, I will still enjoy following others.  And hey if you want to follow me, here is MY TWITTER PROFILE.

If you are not sure that all this is about, here is a quick video from Common Craft.

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