Monday morning Robin and I woke up and thought that the girls and I could use a mental healthy day.  These MDS’s are a long standing tradition in our family.  Take a day every once in a while and just hang out and play.  Of course, uber-responsible Eldest was worried that she would get in trouble for "cutting" school.  Ahem, I do think that it is not "cutting" when your dad is with you.  Unfortunately mom has one of the jobs thingy’s that require a 9-5 corporeal presence so it was just dad and the girls.

This is how the day went:

  • Lounging in pajamas
  • Lunch at Fuddruckers complete with yummy plastic cheese.
  • Pretend to fall into the fountain
  • Horton Hears a Who
  • Eat Candy
  • Pose with Kung Fu Panda
  • Stop off at the church
  • Jamba Juice break
  • Thift store shopping
  • BBQ leftovers

We teased the eldest a bit and told her that someday she would appreciate the fact that her parents where not so intense about school and that we highly valued re-creation and play
.  I don’t think she believed us.

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