WARNING: A little geeky web 2.0 talk coming soon.  There will be some analysis at the end, but be forewarned.

Moderator Traffic: Any blogger worth his/her salt takes and occasional gander at the "stats" for his/her blog.  These are the numbers that tells you everything about people who visit your blog: where they came from, what they looked out, for how long, etc.  Yes, high hit numbers can feed into the narcissistic nature of blogging, but it can also help one to understand some of the patterns of technology use, particular interest areas and other tech-geeky tidbits.

And while some folks like to see info down to the country or origin, I usually look at the number of unique visits, date trends and referring links.

Here are some stats:

Total unique page views in the last month: 4690 or 81/day
Total unique page views in the last week: 1420 or 203/day
High:  534 on Friday, February 8th
Low: 39 on Wednesday, February 27th
#1 Referrer – Presbyweb
#2 Referrer – Facebook Group
#3 Referrer – The Layman Online
#1 Blog Reader – Google Reader
#1 Most popular post: Problems with a 2.0 moderator
#2 Most popular post: On the New Wineskins

What I glean from some of this . . .

Readership // There are now about 200 unique visits to the blog each day from about 60 about a month ago.  This should increase as we get closer to GA, as other outlets begin to get engaged in the election process and as more folks start researching the candidates.

Who’s Engaged // Traditionally "progressive" voices do not seem as engaged in the moderator election at this point, at least in the internet arena.  That may begin to change with the new Candidate’s Page is just out from the Witherspoon Society, so we’ll see if more are to come.  Again, once more info is out as we get closer to GA, I suspect this will change.

Content Matters // While people will still visit, actual engagement is only done with major issue are tackled.  While fresh content is always important, a good mix of topics will need to be addressed in order to read a broad breadth of folks.  People will take a read, but really only comment on bigger issues.

So, I’ll keep blogging, hoping to get folks engaged in new ways and generally helping to get folks to know me better.  For those lurking on the blog, please feel free to drop a comment to let us know who you are.

Have a great weekend all!

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