Asian_week_beyond_borders_2UPDATES 04.20.08 – Column posted on Asian Week’s Site.

Asian Week, self proclaimed "Voice of Asian America" has got some schmuck to write about religion and spirituality in the Asian American community.  The first column, as part of the "Beyond Borders" series by your truly was published in the April 18th edition.  Is has not made it onto their website yet, but I think things will get smoother as the series develops.  Beyond Borders will tackle some non-traditional topics in the Asian American Community: homosexuality, religion, youth and Black-Asian issues.  Asian Week is located free around the city.

My first column was basically asking folks to be open to the complexity of Asian American spirituality just we are with the Asian American experience as a whole.  Funny that it was edited down to not be as snarky as I usually am.  Oh well.

In any case I also asked folks to submit ideas for future columns and I would try to address them there or on the new Beyond Borders Blog, so if you have some ideas, feel free to leave them here.

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