Bruce Reyes-Chow has chosen
as candidate for vice-moderator

Pastor, Davie Street Memorial Church, Raleigh, NC
New Hope Presbytery
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About twenty years ago when we were but wee sprites, Byron and I met at some church event.  I actually don’t even remember when or where, but we have been friends ever since.  Since then I have come to know Byron as a person of great integrity and passionate faith.  Maybe it is his California roots, his subtle humor or his general pastoral nature, but we have been friends throughout our journeys through seminary, pastoral calls and denomination service.  I say this about few people – not sure that means about me – but Byron is one of those folks that I could easily see as my pastor.  Over the years we have served together in a myriad of ways, both products of a denomination that we yearn to be a vital witness to Christ in the world. The Presbyterian Church has raised us, nurtured us and now it is time for us to give back in new ways. 

My hope for the Presbyterian Church (USA) is that we continue to be about the mission of Jesus Christ in the world today. Despite waning interest in organized religion, changes in society, and various theological views within the church, I believe that God’s witness in the Scriptures and the believers who are the body of Christ called the church continue to be relevant. Through this we have the blessing and opportunity to minister to all of God’s people in new and fresh ways. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I look forward to engaging in this ministry with you.

I am excited about the possibilities for our church should he and I be
called to serve this denomination as Moderator and Vice-Moderator.

Here is a little more about the good Rev. Dr. Byron Wade


  • Doctor of Ministry, McCormick Theological Seminary, 2007
  • Master of Divinity, Johnson C. Smith Theological Seminary, 1995
  • MA in Christian Education, Presbyterian School of Christian Education, 1994
  • BA in Biology University of Redlands, CA, 1985


  • Born December 17, 1963 in Los Angeles, CA
  • Married to Regina Fleming Wade in 1999; one son, Andrew (6)
  • Active in many local civic and non-profit organizations

Presbytery of New Hope Highlights

  • Current Vice-Moderator, Committee on Preparation for Ministry
  • Co-Moderator, Campus Ministry Committee, 2002-2007
  • Moderator, Black Caucus, 2002-2004
  • Moderator, Committee on Examinations, 2001-2007;

Denominational Highlights

  • Planning Team, 2009 National Presbyterian Pastors’ Sabbath Conference
  • Elected Member, General Assembly Council, 1993-1999;
  • Board of Directors, National Black Presbyterian Caucus, 1988-1990
  • Advisory Committee on Youth and Young Adults (UPCUSA), ‘81-‘84
  • Planning Teams: Montreat Youth, Triennium, Massanetta Springs Middle School, 7% Young Clergy and Peacemaking Conferences

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