TODAY – my theoretical turned hypothetical day-off –  I am not:

  • plugging in
  • engaging in moderator stuff
  • thinking about MBCC
  • working at my kids’ school

Today is for ME ME ME ME ME ME!

I was in a meeting this week and the devotional question for us was, “What relationships in your life have you been neglecting because of your busyness?”

Get in line.

I am not complaining.  I have made my choices and I like the pace I have been at the last few months.  I have been able to stay just this side of crazy and it has been incredibly energizing and joy-filled.  But . . . the next few months will only intensify as the Moderator journey heats up, MBCC finalizes its facility situation and, oh yeah, the family needs tending 😉  In the midst of it all, I know that the relationship I have neglected the most has been my relationship with God.  I used to slip in a movie, tackle a home project, and generally make good use of the flexible pastor schedule.  Lately there has not been the easily identified Sabbath moments, so I guess I have to rip some Sabbath time from the claws of the accomplishment monster and rest.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, You have heard this before when I tried to unplug for 24 hours and then tried to justify the way my time is scheduled, but this time it’s for real, at least for this week, God is-a calling and I am-a answering.

So after a movie, some yard work, a little reading and a big ol’ nap – see you on Saturday!

Oh wait, how do I find movie listings again?

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